Paul’s Project’s mission is to inspire hope, instill value, and equip the homeless in our community.  It is our desire to not only provide temporary shelter for the homeless in Lubbock, but to also come alongside these individuals helping them prepare mentally, physically and emotionally as they work to move out of the cycle of homelessness. 




Thank you for choosing to volunteer at Grace Campus.  Our goal is not to make you paranoid, but to share some guidelines that will help you have a positive volunteer experience at Grace Campus.

  • All behavior and communication should be respectful to anyone you encounter on Grace Campus property. 

  • Please keep your vehicle locked.  Do not leave purses or personal items lying around.  Keep them on your person or locked somewhere safe.

  • Never give out cash.  Check with a director before giving out any other type of resources. 

  • Wear gloves anytime you may be dealing with a client’s body fluids.

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

  • Never give out rides. 

  • If someone is inappropriate towards you or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, please inform staff.

  • If anyone becomes violent, verbally threatening, or seems to be participating in sketchy behavior… remove yourself from the situation and alert a staff member. 

  • Make sure you keep your boundaries.  Do not give out personal information.    

  • It isn't uncommon for someone that is upset about something to retaliate with accusations towards someone that are untrue.  If you happen to hear something that is concerning or inappropriate, please let a director know immediately so that we can investigate the situation further.    

  • Ensure that interactions with clients are in view of others and cannot be misconstrued.   Do not put yourself in a situation where you are out of the possible visibility of others.

  • You must dress modestly.  No short shorts or low-cut shirts. 

  • Model good character with positive attitudes, words, and actions.

  • Volunteers should be at Grace Campus only during scheduled volunteer hours.  If you have a situation that requires extended hours, please let a director know. 

  • Chris’s cell phone is 806-544-3365 and Jerri Ann’s cell phone is 806-632-7709.  Please put these numbers in your phone.  Texting is often the quickest way to reach us.

Confidentiality – You are asked to maintain the confidentiality of all clients and community receiving services or staying at Grace Campus. Please do NOT relay names or identities to friends or family out of respect for the privacy of all residents receiving GC services.

I understand the expectations that are required to be an employee/volunteer of Paul’s Project and agree to abide by the expectations stated above.  I realize that these expectations are in place for the over-all good of the community and that failure to abide by these expectations could result in being unable to volunteer at Grace Campus.

If you want a hard copy of this document, you will find a link at the bottom this page.

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