The mission of Grace Campus is to inspire hope, instill value, and equip the homeless in our community.  It is our desire to not only provide temporary shelter for the homeless in Lubbock, but to also come alongside these individuals helping them prepare mentally, physically and emotionally as they work to move out of the cycle of homelessness. 

Small groups leaders: (We are allowing a limited number of small groups on campus at this time.)

Can be led by no more than 2 individuals.

Must contact to discuss expectations and reserve time.


General Guidelines for Volunteers:

At this time, the maximum group size allowed on campus is 10.

Each group participant must sign a volunteer agreement before volunteering.

All volunteers and groups must be scheduled and approved prior to their arrival at Grace Campus.

  • Volunteers must wear a mask.  If you are unable to wear a mask, please refrain from participating at this time. Our individuals that are health compromised thank you in advance!

  • Groups serving meals must wear gloves. Please do not touch other items when you have gloves on (ex. phone, keys). If this occurs, dispose of contaminated gloves and replace with new ones.

  • Please check in at the office when you arrive and place your volunteer nametag where it can be seen.

  • Volunteers must wear a nametag (first name only) while volunteering on-site.

  • Volunteers are NOT allowed in the housing area, unless participating in an approved service project.

  • Please don’t leave valuables laying around or hand out money to individuals.   

  • Notify a director or staff member immediately concerning any questionable behavior.

  • Make sure and keep your boundaries.  Do not give out your personal information.    

  • It is not uncommon for someone that is upset about something to retaliate with accusations towards someone that are untrue.  If you happen to hear something that is concerning or inappropriate, please let a director know so that we can investigate the situation further.    

  • Ensure that interactions with clients are in view of others and cannot be misconstrued.  Do not put yourself in a situation where you are out of the visibility of others.

  • PLEASE dress modestly.  (ex.no short shorts or low-cut shirts) 

  • Model good character with positive attitudes, words, and actions.

  • Volunteers should be at Grace Campus only during scheduled volunteer hours.  If you have a situation that requires extended hours, please let a director know.


Jerri Ann’s cell phone is 806-632-7709 and Chris’s cell phone is 806-544-3365.

Please put these numbers in your phone.  Texting is often the quickest way to reach us.


Confidentiality – You are asked to maintain the confidentiality of all clients receiving services or staying at Grace Campus. Please do NOT relay names or identities to friends or family out of respect for the privacy of all clients receiving GC services.


I understand the expectations that are required to be a volunteer at Grace Campus and agree to abide by the expectations stated above.  I realize that these expectations are in place for the over-all good of the community and that failure to abide by these expectations could result in being unable to volunteer at Grace Campus.

If you would like a hard copy of this document, you will find a link at the bottom this page.