TOGETHER we are impacting lives  

Please note that all service opportunities have been currently altered due to COVID-19.  The health and safety of our clients and volunteers is a priority for us and we will continue to adjust procedures as needed.

It won't be long until things return to normal, but until then we have made adjustments.

 PROVIDING A MEAL:  We have currently halted groups from serving a meal on-site. However, we still need meals! 

If you have already signed up to serve a meal on our calendar, please let us know immediately if you are unable to provide a meal on that date. This allows us to open up that date for someone that might be able to help on that day. If someone from your group could still drop off a prepared meal on that day, that would be a huge blessing for us!  When you sign up for a day, you will get an email containing more detailed information concerning providing a meal during this time. You can view our calendar showing available dates and schedule a time to drop off a prepared meal below.

SERVICE PROJECT:  We typically have over 100 volunteers coming through our gates each week.  However, we are adjusting this in order to protect our clients and volunteers.  So let's be creative!  Perhaps you could make encouraging cards to place in everyone's mailbox, create encouraging posters that we could post around campus, drop off much needed supplies, have a vendor deliver supplies if you don't want to leave home, or think of another idea that will bring bring joy into the lives of the people that come through our gates! Feel free to call/text 806-632-7709 with any questions or potential opportunities to serve.

We are also always looking for new,creative ways to impact lives in our community!  Let us know if you have an idea!  

    (If a time says unavailable on our calendar, it is already booked by someone else)

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