Thank you so much for caring about Grace Campus. 

We run on a very tight budget at Grace Campus so we truly appreciate all the individuals and groups that go out of their way to bless our clients.

We are always looking for groups to prepare and serve an evening meal.  If you are interested, just click HERE.

New needs come up on a daily basis, however the following list contains items that we are always in need of...


financial support

toilet paper & paper towels

liquid laundry detergent

cleaning supplies

disposable plates, bowls, & utensils

55 gallon/10 gallon trash bags

small disposable cups

solar and battery operated lights


water bottles

coffee & sugar

dry powdered milk

coffee filters

plastic containers with lids

towels & washrags

toiletries and razors

twin size sheets

women's feminine products

copy paper

kilz and paint

painting supplies & caulk

tools and lawn equipment

small rugs


The foundation of Grace Campus goes back to 2011.  During this time, our primary focus involved serving the homeless on the streets of Lubbock and working with incarcerated individuals in the Lubbock County Detention Center.  We quickly realized that something more had to be done to truly help this population and establishing a non-profit was the first step.


Paul's Project became incorporated in Texas as a nonprofit corporation on December 9, 2014 and on January 26, 2015 received 501c3 status (only eleven days after submitting an application to the IRS).  Shortly after, we received a call from the nonprofit that owned and operated Tent City stating that due to lack of funding and volunteer support they would be shutting down unless Paul's Project would take it.  We agreed without hesitation knowing that an outside-the-box solution to homelessness, like Grace Campus, would make a positive impact in the lives of countless individuals.  


Upon receiving ownership of Tent City, the first change was a new name.  Tent City became Grace Campus. Today, Grace Campus is a transitional homeless shelter for approximately 75-90 individuals and tiny houses have replaced the worn-out army tents.


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